Work Smart, Pray Hard

I am fullstack developer with experience in payment system, host to host connection, mobile developer and ERP software development.

We Provide

Business Requirement

Identifying and gathering of your business requirements.

Customized Mapping

Provide mapping requirements and software solutions.

Custom Development

Execution of program modifications and customization.


Implementing UI/UX development

About Me & Partners

I am developing web based application and online business since 2003, my core business represented as Kresnadi Web Studio.

Web development, Company Profile Websites, Web Based Application, Travel Booking Online, IT Consultant, Security Assessment.

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, XHTML, JQuery, CSS, Java, Mobile Programming, Web Design, Project Management, Linux, Web 2.0, PostGreSQL, Java Servlet, Android, System Analyst, etc.

  • Mobile Application
  • Web Development
  • ERP (Odoo Frameworks)
  • Buana Media Teknologi
  • Sarotama Solusi Integra
  • Cyber Dwitunggal Mandiri

Work Smart & Pray Hard, because we are muslim community who dedicated our live to be useful and worth for our environment.

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